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Maine Business Leadership Network Announces Reorganization

The Maine State Chamber of Commerce, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Maine Department of Labor announce an important transition for the Maine Business Leadership Network (MBLN), established in August 2012. Effective September 10, 2013, the MBLN will be changing the model of support provided to businesses around diversity hiring by bringing the MBLN “in-house” at The Maine State Chamber with Chamber staff providing coordination and continuing support in conjunction with the MBLN Advisory Committee. With this change comes the elimination of the part-time director’s position at the MBLN. The Chamber, the two state agencies, and the MBLN Advisory Committee remain strongly committed to continue working with their business members to grow the MBLN.

The MBLN Executive Team made this decision based on fiscal priorities. The team is optimistic about the future of the MBLN and has witnessed business-to-business stories that show the need for, and the likely success of, this initiative. The team will be reaching out to the MBLN’s business partners to determine the best use of its resources going forward. With time and its partner’s continued investment, the Executive Team is confident that the MBLN will become one of the strongest business to business networks in the nation.

About the US Business Leadership Network—USBLN

The U.S. Business Leadership Network (USBLN) is a national disability inclusion organization that serves as the collective voice of more than 60 Business Leadership Network affiliates across North America, representing more than 5,000 employers. The USBLN supports the development and expansion of its Business Leadership Network (BLN) affiliates. A BLN affiliate is an employer-led coalition dedicated to promoting opportunities that benefit business and people with disabilities.

BLN Program Goals:

  • Assist businesses to attract and retain new employees and customers with disabilities.
  • Develop business leaders who value diversity and actively work to promote strong communities
  • that include people with disabilities.

For more information regarding the Maine BLN, visit Maine BLN Website