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Family Support

Being “in transition” means moving from one stage of life to the next. In addition to leaving high school and making plans to get more schooling or get a job, it may also mean moving to a new living situation, learning to drive, voting for the first time or joining new groups. It can be a very exciting time — but also one of great change. Having people who can be a “support team” may be very helpful.

At 18 years old, a youth becomes a legal adult who is able to provide consent for legal matters. This can include deciding who can see medical or education information and making financial decions. Visit the Employment for ME Rights page for more information.

For parents and caregiviers, transition to adulthood for a youth can be difficult. Below are some resources to share with your support team.

Maine Parent Federation / Statewide Parent Information Network (SPIN)

Maine Parent Federation’s Starting POINTS (Providing Opportunities for Information Networking, Training and Support) for Parents is an online community for families of children with disabilities to help them learn, share and connect about the educational and developmental needs of their children.

Starting Points offers anumber videos on important topics appropriate to transitioning youth