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Managing Your Money

If you get a job, you will earn money for the work you do. Earning money gives you responsibility, more decisions -- like, how will you spend the money you earned? How much money will you save?

Every day you probably see things you would like to buy. Video games? A new cell phone? A new computer? Of course, to buy these things you need money. Buying things means spending money. When you have money you’ll probably spend it on things like food, clothes, shoes, video games, cell phones, cars, bikes, books, etc. You may also have to spend money to pay monthly bills such as your

  • housing (rent or mortgage)
  • electricity
  • water
  • cell phone service
  • car (purchase, gas, insurance, repairs)

Cost of Living Reality Check – Kiplinger Magazine

Money “goes away” or “disappears” when you spend it. Suddenly, if you spend too much, your money will be gone. So, you will also want to save some of your money. You can see, money takes planning. You have to figure out how much to spend and how much to save. Some people create a budget to help track how much they spend and save. Check out these web sites for ideas on how to make a plan for spending and saving money.